Saddam: "My Mom Thinks I Am Cool"

Ok, guys, we just wanted to say that we were the first openly pro-lobbyist media organization, and we have been defending Jack Abramoff since way before the rest of you johnny-come-latelies. We are looking specificially at you, Weekly Standard -- that "I had lunch with him and he's very charming" thing? Played out.

But hey, we will happily cede that turf to you, and to whomever else wants it. You need not even worry about crediting us, we are happy to be the unacknowledged originators of this new angle on the Abramoff story. And now that you guys have picked up that baton, we shall move on to our next crusade: specifically, we want to be the first openly and loudly pro-Saddam Hussein media outlet in America. Based on the awesomely funny Comment piece about him in the new New Yorker:

Saddam lay awake at night worrying about knotty problems, and later issued memos based on the dreams he had when he drifted into sleep. As the invasion approached, he so feared a coup that he refused to allow his generals to prepare seriously for war. Instead, he endorsed a plan for the defense of Baghdad that essentially instructed his generals to talk with no one, think rousing thoughts, and await further orders. The generals knew that to question their leader or his sons was suicide, so they just saluted. “We’re doing great!

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