Sadly, Reagan's "Muhammed In a Rocket Sled" Cartoons Remain Uncollected from today's Gossip Roundup because we never miss a chance to piss on graves, especially inexplicably revered ones. Look everyone, it's Ronald Reagan's doodles!

["]Reagan often drew himself in these roles ... a cowboy, football player and a handsome, leading man." To a lucky few, the Gipper even "handed out his correspondence-course-style drawings at meetings."

Please note that the Gipper is, of course, effusively praised for his obvious senility and inability to focus in meetings. These were presumably the same meetings he couldn't recall, and we know now that it was because he was drawing himself as an fireman-astronaut with a super-cool motorcycle and a robot sidekick, and then giving these drawings to anyone lucky enough to be seated near him.

Thank god today's leadership in Washington is so much more mature.

From Presidential Scratch Pads [Examiner]


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