Sadness of Vaclav Havel's Death Lightened By Kim Jong Il's Death


Just as millions of decent people around the world were marking the death of revolutionary Czech philosopher/playwright (and former president)Vaclav Havel with the realization that it is very rare to actually mourn a public figure's death, North Korean clown-monster Kim Jong Il kicked the bucket, and the world found it could laugh again. What next, Jane Goodall followed by Michael Vick? The Dalai Lama followed by Dick Cheney? Will this ceaseless parade of political-celebrity deaths end with Santa Claus himself ... followed immediately by the double-penetration suicide of the Koch Brothers?

The Guardian reports:

Kim Jong-il, the "dear leader" still venerated by many in North Korea but reviled abroad, has died aged 69, state media announced on Monday morning.

The North Korean leader suffered a heart attack on Saturday due to physical and mental over-work, the official KCNA news agency reported. He was on his train, travelling to offer "field guidance" to workers, when he died.

In other words, pictures like this have suddenly become collectors items:

But we are still saddened by the death of Havel. So sad, in fact, that we don't have any jokes to make about it! So thanks, Kim Jong Il, for at least providing a little cover here in a Wonkette post -- it was probably totally worth it, all the evil you did to your people! [Guardian]


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