Safer Than a Tubesock

  • In the House, Democrats and Republicans are talking to each other for once, but since it's about the economy we're all probably going to need to get another job. [New York Times]
  • There seems to be either a pang of conscience or a concession to reality in the White House. [New York Times]
  • Hillary tortures her press corps with jokes when they have nowhere to escape at 30,000 feet. [Washington Post]
  • Yet another way in which the GOP has no idea what it's doing right now. [The Hill]
  • Oh, we're going to get our stimulus on for sure. [Roll Call]
  • Socks are a downer for GWB's free trade plans. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Mittens cedes South Carolina to WALNUTS! [Politico]
  • NATO does patrolling or something, but Marines do the dying in Afghanistan. [Washington Times]

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