Sally Quinn, Speaking For America, As Usual


If you read ONLY ONE important (for national security)Washington Post column today, let it be this divine half-drunk prattling from Queen and Spokeswoman of the Washington Premier Socialite Village Lawn Party Country Club, Sally Quinn. Good Heavens! Amazing how offended the comfortably rich and connected 150-year landed gentry of this temporal, diamond-shaped government office park get when three NINNIES briefly puncture their esteemed bubble.

This is such a cartoonishly hilarious column from this beautifully self-centered Peggy Noonan wannabe, you must ENJOY:

Now it turns out that there was a third uninvited guest at the White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, this one a member of the Indian delegation. It was enough of a shock that the would-be stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi had crashed. But a third? The Salahi story may have been delicious, but the implications of the appalling breach of security are immense. The president could have been assassinated. And had that happened, the Office of the White House Social Secretary would have been as culpable as the Secret Service.


Many in Washington wondered why the director of the Secret Service, Mark Sullivan, did not resign over the state dinner security breach. At least Sullivan testified before Congress on the subject. White House social secretary Desirée Rogers came under fire after the Salahi scandal erupted. From the start, Rogers was an unlikely choice for social secretary. She was not of Washington...

Oh, here she goes, with the "Get that usurper out of my Washington palace. Usurper! Usurper!" territorial stakeout. Who is this Rogers! Desirée Rogers, WHO? AT WHAT ESTABLISHMENT DOTH SHE MOST OFTEN DINE? Where? NEVER HEARD OF IT -- DOES NOT EXIST. What... what's that smell... is that... new money? NEW MONEY! NEW MONEY! BURN THE NEW MONEY!

But [Obama] is not getting credit that he deserves because he is being ill served by those around him who will not step up as needed and take the fall for him.

The president needs to start making that happen. The first step would be to accept the resignations of Sullivan and Rogers today.

Out, out, charlatans! Be gone. The American people want... they want... *gulp gulp*, (President Kennedy gave me this Drambuie, in the forties!)... they want these social ragamuffins beheaded! USURPERS! NEW MONEY! FILTH!

Time for accountability at the White House [Washington Post]


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