Sam Adams (Beer) Suing Sam Adams (Human)

i moonlight as nate on six feet underSo out in Portland, Oregon, this dude named Sam Adams -- the city's commissioner -- decided to run for mayor. Local radio hosts registered the domains and, and they promised to give them to Adams if he discussed his platform on their show. The Boston Beer Company -- which owns Sam Adams beer -- got wind of Portland Sam Adams and his little "internet sites" and are none-too-pleased with him using his own name. Of similar legal minds as the GW Hatchet, the Boston Beer Company issued a "cease-and-desist" letter to the radio hosts, because they trademarked the name Sam Adams in 1984. As Politician Sam Adams notes, he has been using the name since 1963. No word on whether former NFL defensive lineman Sam Adams is having his life sued also.

Trademark Dispute Of the Day: Sam Adams v. Sam Adams [WSJ Law Blog]


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