Sam Brownback Gives Himself an Even Goofier Name

Sam Brownback, the Presidential candidate known primarily for having a dirty name, never showing up to work, have a weird prison fetish, and using one of the greatest visual aids in Senate History, wants you to think of him as a "Wilberforce Republican."

What the hell is he talking about? Come learn and grow with us, after the jump.

For those of you not up on your British period costume dramas or parliamentary history, William Wilberforce was the dude who got Britain to end involvement in the slave trade. Much like Sam Brownback works tirelessly to make sure America stops destroying precious, precious embryos.

While it's a reference that may seem obscure to most of you chuckleheads, it carries a bit of weight in the evangelical community, where figures like James Dobson have been namechecking Wilberforce for years. But more importantly, Wilberforce is the subject of a heavily, heavily-promoted film coming out this week: Amazing Grace.

Now, of course, other candidates have decided to hop on the film tie-in rebranding bandwagon, with Mitt Romney urging supporters to call him Ghost Rider and Mike Huckabee referring to himself, inexplicably, as a "Blood Diamonds Republican."

Sam Brownback: Wilberforce Republican [The Caucus]


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