San Diego Mayor Bob Filner To Resign, Pursue Private Sector Opportunities In Sexual Harassment


As part of a mediation deal in his sexual harassment lawsuit, San Diego's creepy harassment Mayor Bob Filner is expected to resign Friday. Filner was seen removing boxes from City Hall yesterday and loading them into an SUV, so it appears that he will not have to be escorted from the building by Security. It was not known if he had the boxes' consent to have his hands all over them.

Although details have not yet been released, the deal may involve the city agreeing to pay some of Filner's legal fees and possible fines in the sexual harassment suit filed against him by his former director of communications. Organizers of a recall effort against the Democrat said that they would continue gathering signatures "until a resignation has been tendered;" a stake of holly may also prove necessary, since yet another woman came forward today to accuse Filner of groping her.

Shortly after the news of Filner's impending resignation was released, the National Weather Service recorded noticeably elevated wind speeds in the San Diego area, as area residents all breathed a sigh of relief.

[LAT / NBC San Diego]

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