San Francisco Bans Plastic Bags & Republicans

Fuck you, Turtle - WonketteYou can laugh at California laws if you want to -- except in Berkeley, where that's illegal -- but environmental legislation in the most-populated state in the union generally makes it to Washington in a decade or so. Meaning, say good-bye to your precious plastic grocery bags that probably fill about 35% of your kitchen cabinets today.

San Francisco has banned the goddamned things, which will mean the market for plastic grocery bags will require 180 million less of the filmy sacks per year. Groceries have to drop the bags in six months; pharmacies have a year. It reportedly takes about a million gallons of petroleum to make the bags San Francisco uses per year. Oh, but 95,000 smaller businesses can still use plastic bags, so hooray for freedom! The exception for non-chains really pissed off a San Francisco supervisor with the hilarious name of "Ed Jew."

What else are they doing in San Francisco?

* Next they will ban those plastic newspaper wrappers, and soon (hopefully) the newspapers themselves -- it's "for the environment"!

* They're moving a breeding pair of peregrine falcons called George & Gracie from the Bay Bridge to a skyscraper or something, for safety.

* They have magically re-routed all the traffic on the Bay Bridge, too.

* They've somehow reduced the Republican share of 18-to-25 year olds to 35%, despite conservatives having so many kids all the time.


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