San Francisco Voters May Convert Alcatraz Into Sparkly 'Peace Center'

The fairies in San Francisco face a considerably more important vote on California's February 5 primary day than "American president." Enter Proposition C, which offers the least bureaucratic question in the history of various state election Proposition C's: Should the former Alcatraz prison of doom be converted into a 'Global Peace Center'? In other stereotypical local propositions, Floridians today are voting on whether to convert Walt Disney World into a juicy Florida orange.

The 'Peace Center' is the brainchild of the Global Peace Foundation, which only reinforces its legitimacy with these business-like web page slogans:

Majestic in its Simplicity, Revolutionary as a Political Metaphor, The Global Peace Center Proclaims Global Renaissance! A New Epoch! A Time of Enduring Peace for All Humanity...

Those "Political Metaphors" sure do get my revolutionary goosebumps going! Whenever, say, Rudy notes that Hurricane Andrew is 9/11, I immediately go out and vote for 9/11 to happen again.

And if you happen to be stoned, here's a 9-minute psychadelic promo for the Peace Palace (we can only confirm that the first four seconds are psychadelic):

[youtube expand=1]

Give the Peace Center a Chance [SFist]

[Global Peace Foundation]


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