* We liveblogged the debate in two shifts and one thousand bullet points of light. Intern Nick made use of the free condoms at the Pro-Choice America debate watching party at Stetson's.

* We lingered on these photos of the President upstaging MC Rove in the Rose Garden. There's video, too.

* 9/11 + the Holocaust + Cyndi Lauper × 666, and it's happening right here in Washington!

* The U.S. government's Space Environment Center announced that in 2012 all technology will collapse and the iPhones will drink our blood.

* We met Marine Corps Sgt. Adam Charles Kokesh, fell in love and learned how many Wonkette readers are lawyers when he was arrested by Capitol Police at the Hart Building.

* Michelle Malkin glides easily into amateur porn, someone named Pat at the National Park Service called us dumb for laughing at it, and at least one of you responded with ASCII art.

* We learned how it came to be that Democrats will deliver their bill to the President until the 4th anniversary of the now-classic "Mission Accomplished" speech.

* And, if your mind goes back that far, we have extensive and hapless coverage of the WHCD. To read about Rich Little performance, click here.


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