Sandra Fluke Engagement Leads To Even More Hilarious Jokes


Did you hear that free sex-pill devourer Sandra Fluke is getting engaged? Whatever. But here's Fox News/Washington Times mistake Monica Crowley making history's funniest joke, ever. "To a man?" Ha ha ha ha! OH, YOU. ("To a man?", she tweets.)

No, nevermind -- she was apparently asking a Straightforward Question. Duh? Don't we feel silly!

To answer the question, then: No, Sandra Fluke is not a lesbian. For reference, trying researching the 2012 "Sandra Fluke controversy that dominated the news for weeks," in which Rush Limbaugh and others catapulted her to fame by calling her a "slut" and "prostitute" who ate free birth control pills like candy because she was constantly having sex with men. Then check out the file of intrepid reporting on Fluke's boyfriend (now fiance), such as the revelation that her boyfriend's father is a rich Super Jew who secretly controls Global Finance and the Democratic party, and is also maybe a Marxist, who, again, controls Global Finance.

Glad to help, Monica Crowley!

[Media Matters]


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