Sandy Berger's Sock-Stuffing: Not What You Think

First, we heard that Sandy Berger put classified documents in his pants. (Insert "Is that a terrorist threat warning in your pocket or are you just happy to me?" joke here.) Then he was all like, No, I meant I put them in my briefcase -- which sounds like an unlikely mix-up, but we get those confused all the time. So when word came that he snuck out the secrets in his socks, well, why the fuck not? Usually it's the stuffing of the socks into the pants that causes a problem but, hey, points for creativity! Now it turns out that the socks thing is probably not true, but we don't care. It's the best made-up political news since Kerry didn't sleep with his intern! We love you sock-rumor guy, whoever you are!

Colleagues defend Berger in documents probe [CNN]


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