After an investigation revealed that South Carolinian Ambassador to Argentina Mark Sanford had not misspent taxpayer funds in the course of perpetrating his adulterous affair with some hot lady, people were sad. They were sad because the "abused state funds" charge would have been the real corker on top of the "wandering peen" charge, in terms of ways to get the guy out of office.

Now it appears that, while Sanford didn't ask South Carolinians to foot the bill for whatever, hot rock massages and lavish bouquets for his mistress, he HAS gone flying all over the place in business class, which is a Sin. The state's Budget and Control Board suggests that “travel by commercial airlines will be accomplished in coach or tourist class, except where exigencies require otherwise."

Maybe he encountered many exigencies, because he spent over $44,000 in business and first-class tickets while his poor aides suffered in coach.

(He is probably just used to traveling like a rich person, because in "real life" he is a rich person.)

Oh also he is always talking about the importance of frugality and reaming other state employees for failing to stay within state reimbursement guidelines for hotels while he often goes over the limit himself.

He probably also tips the housekeeping staff poorly and runs off with all the shampoo samples.

Sanford traveled well on taxpayers' dime [Politico]


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