Sara K. Smith: 2008-2010

Today we are saying Good-Bye Forever to our longtime Morning Editor, Sara K. Smith. She is leaving your Wonkette to "make more money writing dildo manuals" or whatever people do for Money these days. We will miss her, the end.

I hired SKS for another Gawker blog, SPLOID, about a half-century ago, in 2005. And then SPLOID shut down, after Gawker almost sold it to Turner Broadcasting (?!) and then I moved to Wonkette, where I've been ever since, and then Wonkette got sold and I got to bring Sara over at the very beginning of 2008, and then we got Obama elected. YOU'RE WELCOME.

We have all had many exciting journamalism adventures together, such as covering the Democratic convention in Denver, the Republican trade show in St. Paul, various weird things in Austin and Virginia and etc., plus all the hundreds and hundreds of days of staring at the screen in horror and thousands and thousands of posts about all our favorite Human Cartoon Characters such as what's-her-face and Walnuts! and the socialisms.

So let's say good-bye to Sara and thank her for TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS or I guess 2-1/4 years plus all that time she took off to "have a baby" (which no-one has ever seen, suspicious ...) and you people in the comments try to class it up for a couple of hours and maybe we won't have to take out the BanHammer on such a solemn day, in America.


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