Sarah Palin Caves To Fringe Propaganda Channel CNN, Gives Interview


Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin reneged on her vow to talk "straight to the American people" by ignoring the media until after she's elected President. She has instead agreed to a sit-down today with CNN, the Communist News Network. Palin will talk with some person named "Drew Griffin," which is an anagram for "Grr! Win if fed," which means Drew Griffin is a hobo bear who "wins" for food. Bears are also a symbol of communism, andBarack Obama.

Palin's interview will air fourteen brazillion times, on every news show CNN runs, and maybe even some commercials, if she doesn't say "In what respect, Charlie?" too often. A CNN press release says "The 15-minute, one-on-one interview will air in all three hours of The Situation Room and will cover a variety of topics," which means maybe we will finally find out where she buys her shoes.

CNN’s Drew Griffin Secures First CNN Interview with Gov. Sarah Palin [Turner Newsroom]


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