• McCain's wife-swapping stunt: Will it work? [Princess Sparkle Pony]

  • Add $13 thousand in makeup per month—a sum that could buy several, if not many, lipsticks—to Sarah Palin's $700 billion fashion bailout. [The Sleuth]
  • White supremacists are getting so bored of all their Nazi regalia, which means the RNC should give them $150k to go to Neiman's too. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • Al-Qaeda says it will support J. Hussein McCain in the election and hinted that there might be Terror (or allusions to such) to help him win. [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Well, well look who's suddenly so particular about the intended meanings of words corresponding to their usage! It's Palin! She hates the name "Trooper-Gate" and would prefer that you refer to her gross abuses of power by their Christian name: "Taser-Gate." [The Caucus]
  • Your teevee can tell all your despicable partisan biases based on whether you like that show about the monster trucks jumping over sharks or that show about how ice storms prevent men from driving monster trucks on fishing trips. [Top of the Ticket]


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