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Okay, now that's out of the way, here are your top ten posts of the week, as chosen by science. If you've already read them, read them again!

1. You guys, Sarah Palin's grifting empire appears to be in jeopardy. She's been canned from Fox News, there's a new baby grifter Palin in Bristol's oven, and things just aren't looking sunny. Oh well. Fuck them. (Also, stay tuned for this week's Fartknocker Report, which IS HAPPENING, just not during the weekend because we are On Holiday.)

2. Remember that wingnut Texas attorney general what had a big tantrum over gay marriage? He might get to go to jail forever, because HAHAHAHAHAH.

3. That GoFundMe shit is really getting out of hand when the Charleston shooter's sister gets one. It's now gone, but Jesus.

4. Pregnant Bristol Palin is really fucking pissed off at you right now.

5. These Girl Scouts in Washington state will get along JUST FINE without donations from transgender-hating bigots, thank you VERY much.

6. Texas and other wingnut states were very much aggrieved over the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision, so they all seceded from the nation. BYE Y'ALL!

7. Barack Obama had a terrible, horrible, badass, balls out rager of a week, and yr Wonkette liveblogged it!

8. Here's a fucked up story, about a lady in the process of a miscarriage not getting the treatment she needed from a Catholic hospital, because (duh) abortion.

9. Some wingnuts are certain that the White House's gay rainbow display was an open invitation for terrorists to murder America.

10. And finally, making its second appearance in the Top Ten, here is Wonkette's loving pregnancy announcement for Bristol Palin, abstinence warrior, who has never done sex with a man.


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