Sarah Palin Demands Gazillion-Billion Dollar Cuts To Everything

Sarah Palin Demands Gazillion-Billion Dollar Cuts To Everything
  • Sarah Palin told Sean Hannity that she is embarrassed for Republicans -- embarrassed! -- because they are so squeamish about cutting the budget. What a bunch of faeries! "We need much greater cuts," said Sarah, in the most unspecific and worthless way possible. "Republicans need to be bold and strong and they need those steel spines." (Does this lady know that when words come out of your mouth, they are actually supposed to mean something? Is she aware that this is the original purpose of words, before they became meaningless Twitter #hashtags?) "Cuts Sean, we need much greater cuts! Is that your dried-up, withering umbilical cord sticking out of your pants? Here, let me cut that for you." Snip snip. [The Hill]
  • Robert Gates is angry at our chickenshit European allies for wanting to cut & run in Afghanistan. (More cuts!) Why are they so opposed to fighting a pointless, endless war? [NYT]

  • George H. W. Bush posthumously awarded Ronald Reagan the "2011 George Bush Award For Excellence In Public Service." If only Reagan was alive, so he could get in on the circle jerk. If only. [Fox News]

  • Re: the massive and tragic earthquake/tsunami in Japan ... there is now a tsunami warning in effect for California, Oregon, Washington and southern Alaska. Please stay safe everyone! [AP]


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