Sarah Palin Denies Calling On Begich To Step Down, Which She Did, Earlier


Sarah Palin's in the news, everyone! For, let's see here, lying. While most of her recent lies have been about covering up how that young man,Levi, this one is about how she told the media that she thought Sen. Mark Begich should resign so there can be a "fair" election between him and the very innocent Ted Stevens. The lie she's telling, of course, is that she NEVER SAID THIS.

From the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, the only decent journalistic establishment in this godforsaken country:

At a press conference Friday morning in her Capitol office, Palin claimed she never said Begich should step down.

Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich issued a press release calling for Begich to step down and for a new election shortly after the news broke that Stevens’ charges may be dropped.

In an e-mail response to the News-Miner, Palin said “I absolutely agree.”

She clarified she agreed with Ruedrich’s call for a new election and for Begich to step aside until that happens.

A question on her call for a new election was among many posed at the Friday press conference.

“I didn’t call for Begich to step down, either,” Palin said. “I said I absolutely agree that Alaskans deserve a fair, untainted election for the United States senate seat. I’m not splitting hairs on how that happens. I’m saying wonderful, good. I want to see an election that is fair, that isn’t influenced unduly by some announcement that the sitting senator was facing a multi-felony count conviction. That’s what we were told. Now, come to find out, that wasn’t the case.”


By state law, Begich, a Democrat and former Anchorage mayor, would have to step down in order for a new election to take place.

Uhhh time to fly to Indiana, bye!

Palin says she never asked Begich to resign [News-Miner]


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