Sarah Palin Has Special Rules For Media Coverage of Her Mall Appearance

Famous dingbat Sarah Palin continues her exciting Publicity Tour of Middle America, and pretty soon she'll be at the famous Giant Shopping Mall of Minnesota. Interested in covering her appearance? Well if youare, there's a good chance you're some kind of "reporter" or "communist." What's that? You speak the French? Then kindly go the fuck back to Russia because this is an AMERICAN event, for AMERICANS. Also, no questions or anything. Just watch her, quietly, for 10 minutes, and then get OUT come on this woman has books to sell!

TeeVee station WCCO of Minneapolis got a copy of these awesome Media Regulations for the Palin porn stop:

For Palin's appearance at the Mall of America next week we received a list of seven media guidelines, including one stating there can be no foreign press -- only English-speaking press and another that said media must address Palin as "Governor."

The other rules include no interviews -- but if the media want one, a request must be submitted to her publicist -- plus no microphones, only background sound and pictures and only the first 10 minutes of her appearance can be taped.

Ha ha, the lazy trash quit being governor during her first term because she wanted to be a celebrity and sell a million books, but now she insists everyone act like she's the "Governor." Not even Twitter allows her to keep referring to herself as "Governor," and Twitter is a just a sad computer picture of a bird or a whale.

We also like how there are NO INTERVIEWS, but if you want to do an interview with Palin, you must ask nicely. And? Ugh, this woman. When will she just lead her followers into the Lake of Fire and get it over with? [WCCO]


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