Sarah Palin Has 'Thoughts' On Fish-Selfies, Katie Couric


For a half-term grifter/failed vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin's half-life has been truly lengthy and remarkable. She is the cockroach of low culture. Empires will rise and fall, and there will be Sarah Palin, getting a crappy teevee show for being Sarah Palin. And where Sarah is, there is also bitchy ill-will towards anyone she perceives has wronged her.

Yes, Sarah has a new show, "Amazing America With Sarah Palin," premiering in April. If you need to know down to the exact second when it will grace your television set, you can go to the show's website, which has a ridiculous countdown clock. She's been demoted to something called The Sportsman Channel, which we assume is one of those things your dad watches on Saturday afternoon when he's avoiding shoveling the driveway, staring vaguely at an endless parade of fishing shows. But now dad can stare at Sarah, who will be responsibly utilizin' nature and gooder stuff like that.



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