Sarah Palin Makes Forbes' Powerful Women List in 'Lifestyle' Category


It's the dog days of summer, time for another pointless "power rankings"list from celebrity gossip newsletter Forbes with its annual "World's 100 Most Powerful Women" list complete with all the usual numbskullery that leads a seereus jernalizm outfit to rank Michele Bachmann (#22) ahead of the Prime Minister of Australia (#23) in global power. But where is our favorite bitter singer of fancy redneck victim songs? Oh, Sarah Palin ($47) is still there all right, two spots above non-insane humanitarian Helene Gayle, who runs the half-billion-dollar global women and children's anti-poverty nonprofit CARE. Yeah, whatever. How did Sarah Palin "win" her spot above Helene Gayle and who else, the President of Liberia (#62)? Oh, she won in the non-politician "celebrity/lifestyle" category, for what, exactly? For making brain death and whining look cool again since Barry Goldwater died? 

From the Forbes profile:

As a political commentator on Fox News, a reality show and deft user of Twitter and Facebook, she has largely bypassed traditional media to blast the press and the president--and made an estimated $7 million in the last year doing it. She uses her political might to champion others too, fund raising $87,500 for Republicans during last fall's midterm elections.

Whatever that string of words was, we did not understand it. Sarah Palin prays to goats. [Forbes]


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