Salon has a big scoop today inthe room where they make war: While Sarah Palin was chatting with a reporter or someone after her speech in Reno this past weekend, she totally autographed an American flag that was handed to her with a Sharpie! The Boy Scouts at Salon take their flags very seriously, so they know that this is a "desecration" that breaks the Flag Code. Oh good! That surely disqualifies her from the presidency, so we can stop talking about her. (Just kidding, your Wonkette will still blog about her, every day, for the pageviewz.) Meanwhile, at Team Sarah, where they don't read such "opposition media," somebody posted photos of Sarah Palin making out with a female dog at this same event, which everyone at Team Sarah thinks is sooooo cute / sexy. Same-sex bestiality is much more important than the flag thing anyway. And more illegal.

Oh, according to the Team Sarah post, Sarah Palin also signed the dog. The lesson here is that Sarah Palin will sign anything, so one of us should show up to a rally with paperwork requiring her to donate all proceeds from her next book to the "GZ Mosk" and get her to sign it.

And here are your gross Team Sarah commenters fantasizing about being that dog Sarah Palin hooked up with:

Nothing says "I'm sane and do not want to freak you out" like barking at Sarah Palin. We would do that too, probably.

Oh, let's post that photo of Palin making out with the dog again so it's in your sex dream tonight.

There you are. [Salon/Team Sarah]


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