Sarah Palin Now Making Nice With Terrorist Pal Barack Obama


After a week of witty meditations on Barack Obama's America-hating friends and asking, "Whois this guy who has been running for president for two years who everybody knows pretty well after seeing him in nearly 30 debates? Did you know some crook sold him a strip of lawn once?" Sarah Palin has BLINKED and decided to stop calling the Democratic nominee a terrorist. Why? Because no one in the McCain campaign can use the same argument for more than a week. It's all right there in the Maverick Handbook! Right next to the "no blinking" rule!

The pit bull took off her gloves and lipstick and spent all last week tearing Barack Hussein Osama a new bunghole, so now she has to "temper her rhetoric" lest a nation of angry racists actually take her up on some of her not very veiled suggestions. So here is what she said on Sunday, sort of apologetically:

It's not negative and it's not mean-spirited for me to ask you to check out our opponent's record, and I would ask you to check out our opponents record...I'm not being negative, not mean-spirited, but please check out his record...

Ha ha, except in the parts we left out she basically calls him a child-murderer who throws aborted fetuses in Dumpsters and then feasts on their stem cells.

In this Sunday speech she also said some bullshit about "good guys" and "bad guys" and then asked some chanting morons if she could borrow their awesome slogan about coal mining. In three short weeks, Sarah Palin will fly back to Alaska in a caravan of reindeer wearing bedazzled Thanksgiving-themed vests, so enjoy her company while you can.

Sarah Palin Tones it Down a Notch [Political Radar]


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