Half-term Gov. Sarah Palin's ghostwriter has some "thoughts" on how mom-jeans-wearing tyrant Obama wasted Sarah Palin's summer, and her ghostwriter says she is gosh darned mad about that also!

No Drama Obama’s Summer Casual Agenda for America (or What He Didn’t Do On My Summer Vacation)

Wow, we are already mad also too! How dare Obama waste Sarah Palin's summer vacation. Go on, ghostwriter, make us more madder, preferably with sarcasm and ironicalness.

There is absolutely nothing important going on in the world right now.

There are no security threats, no worldwide turmoil affecting America’s interests, no civil war in Syria, South Sudan, or Libya. No war on our ally, Israel. No Ebola epidemic devastating West Africa and spreading. No race riots tearing apart a whole community in Missouri. No Russian aggression in Ukraine. No deranged North Korean dictator testing more missiles. No Chinese jets getting up close and personal with our American military. No brave American journalist sickeningly beheaded by Muslim terrorist savages rampaging through the Middle East seizing oil fields and committing genocide on Christians and Kurds. No illegal immigration crisis as thousands of unaccompanied minors illegally walk right across our unsecured borders. No scandals in Obama’s White House. No worried servicemen and women coping with ill-advised U.S. Military chainsaw cuts. And no increase in our nation’s debt. Nope. It’s been one lazy summer with nothing to do, not a thing to worry about in No Drama Obama land.

This explains why the President spent the summer on vacay in Martha’s Vineyard and is now gearing up for Vacation 2.0 this weekend with the One Percent in the Hamptons, again, and in Newport, again.

Good point. We concur. Lazy Obama, who never takes a break from trying to destroy America, sure has been awful busy doing nothing. He definitely hasn't been having a working vacay, and he definitely did not take a vacation from his vacation to meet with his advisers and address the nation about how everything is effed up and bullcrap.

He could have spent Sarah's summer doing important things like complaining that Tina Fey should pay for his kids' braces or filming a really nifty interweb show or at least ice bucketing himself or at the very leaster than that, 'splaining to Sen. Elizabeth Warren how dumb she is. Sheesh, he could have at least taken his family on a bus tour of 'Merica to eat fried butter and then quit that too. That's how a REAL leader leads. (See, we can do sarcasm also.)

But nooooooooo. Obummer basically quit his job like some kind of dead fish floating up stream, leaving the true patriots to do all the heavy lifting around here. Typical Obama. Typical Democrat. And that is why Sarah Palin's ghostwriter is warning us, like Paul Revere ringin' those bells and firin' those shots:

That’s the democrat agenda for America, folks. On November 4th, we get to tell them our agenda. We get to tell them where they can place their “Fundamental Transformation of America,” while we get back to the “Fundamental RESTORATION” that will save our country.

Yeah. Shove your "fundamental transformation" right up your Democrat Party something-Palin-would-never-say because she is A Lady! Don't even bother trying to address "the failure of Obamacare" or the Islamics from the Middle East to Muslim our freedoms. Sure, Sarah can keep an eye on Putin's big floating head -- from her house! -- but she can't do all the not-working. She has her own not-working to do, after all.



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