Sarah Palin Secedes From America And Tries To Take All The Fish With Her


  • In addition to a tragic collection of familial scandals, Sarah Palin also has a crippling illegal fish poaching addiction. [RedState]
  • In her years as an Alaskan independence guerrilla warrior, Palin and her radical band of bearded woodspeople didn't take kindly to being called "Americans." [AMERICAblog]
  • Sarah Palin is maybe just as qualified as losers like John Edwards and George W. Bush, so any questions about her experience are just liberal misogyny. [The Corner]
  • Some Alaskan muckraker sheds light on the snowy mystery of Palin's incompetence as mayor of Wasilla, which includes demanding books be removed from a public library and then trying to fire the librarian. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Why would pregnant Sarah Palin rather wear loose-fitting jackets than pose naked for the cover of Vanity Fair? Maybe because she's more than some Hollywood starlet, unlike Demi Moore and Barack Obama. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • Karl Rove and Joe Biden are calling each other despicable, feeling-hurting insults like "big blowhard doofus" and "architect." [CNN Political Ticker]

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