Sarah Palin Signs Books, Erick Erickson's Right Teet


  • More fancy graphics in support of taxing marijuana cigarettes. [Hit & Run]

  • Matt is very worried about nonchalant archeologists digging up nuclear waste just for the fun of it. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Here is your masturbatory WHAT IF? of the day: WHAT IF Barack Obama is fatally electrocuted by a stingray BUT Joe Biden doesn't want to be president SO Senator Byrd -- who is old! -- becomes president because he's president pro tempore of the Senate? [The Corner]

  • Erick Erickson had an intimate discussion with Sarah Palin at a WaPo salon (?). [RedState]

  • The Anti-Defamation League continues to protect Barack Obama from Jew-haters. [The Caucus]


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