Palin Starting To Tease About What Her 2012 Trainwreck Would Look Like


Giving the tundra a vacation from her?The Republican presidential race has barely even begun to receive any news coverage, but even that level of attention is bothersome to Sarah Palin, who is used to 50% of all political news being about her unemployed life. But Palin has figured out a way to redirect some of this attention back to herself without actually stepping into the race: leaking details about how her campaign would be run, if she actually decided to do it. And so we're going to get stuff like this: IF Sarah Palin ran for president, she would base her operation in Scottsdale, Arizona, near Bristol Palin's recently purchased foreclosed meth palace.

It's not clear whether or not this was a purposeful leak to Ben Smith, but this teasing is an idea she'll probably take and run with anyway.

But back to this Arizona thing, here's why it's perfect:

Basing a campaign there would be a provocative rejection of any lingering political cost from those who connect her harsh rhetoric and Gabrielle Giffords' shooting -- a traditional refusal to retreat.

Yeah, wasn't that great? That Gabrielle Giffords almost got all of the attention herself when she was shot, but, luckily, Sarah Palin quickly found herself inserted in the story. That was a close call!

Next week we will learn Trig would be the campaign manager if she ran. The week after that, we will learn the firm that would create her campaign website would be a team of actual female grizzly bears. And the week after that, we will learn voters would still have to buy tickets if they wanted to hear her speak on the campaign trail. [Ben Smith]


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