Sarah Palin Too Busy Grifting To Serve We The People In The U.S. Senate Dontcha Know You Betcha Also, Too


Sarah Sarah Sarah. How can we miss you when you won't go away? In the latest bukkake theater production that is Sarah Palin's herpes-flare-up style political career, graft master Palin strapped on her most trusted guide dog, Greta Van Susteren, to "respond to calls for her to run for the US Senate" by half-saying she is not running for Mark Begich's Senate seat in Alaska, maybe.

Former Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced she is not planning to run for U.S. Senate “as of this date” on Friday’s broadcast of “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

Ah, the old "as of this date" come-on, eh Half-Gov? And before you guys all start screaming boring! and bullshit! and bitching about why she of the tattooed lip-liner, hopey-changey stupid still gets mention on yr Wonket -- please to remember, this winky harpy's pac has gotten almost half a million bucks so far this year, and that hair of hers is not going to bump itself people.

Also too, Mark Begich has the temerity to be "led by this bunch of Harry Reid and President Obama, Mark Begich having been so supportive of their agenda," all acting like some kind of Democrat who is a member of the Democratic party or something. And Sarah says people up there in Alaska refer to him as "Marky-Mark and the Funky Bunch" and we are sad because if nothing else, she used to be really good at the cunty, smuggy, snide-swipe word salad jabs that made us want to throw things at our teevees, and that lame-ass reference to a 1992 hip-thrusting, white rapping underpants model just does not give us the same kind of hate-thrill.

He needs to be replaced, she continued. But Greta, it doesn’t have to be me. There are thousands of good Alaskans with that servant’s heart with the ability and the desire to serve we the people.

Yeah because Sarah Palin doesn't necessarily have three years to put into being a Senator and there are thousands of Alaskans who would be just as good! We would hazard to guess there are a fuck-ton more than that, but send her some money anyway? Because, come on, as long as there are tea-baggin morons with leather skirt fetishes and pay-pal accounts she can scam money out of, Sarah Palin "certainly would never say never."

[The Daily Caller]


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