Sarah Palin Totally Bombed On Leno Show, Which Is Why She Got a Laugh Track


Hollywood sideshow Sarah Palin got to do a comedy spot on Jay Leno's new late-night informercial,Why You Should Dump GE Stock, but nobody laughed at her dumb bullshit, which she also didn't write herself, because come on there are LITTLE PEOPLE to do those write-y things, she's got shit to steal from the Red Cross Oscar Movie Charity Suite, she's got reality shows to sell, gonna get her real-estate-mom hair all tarted up and tall again, by one of those fancy West Hollywood hairdressers who will just love her, and her beauty, until she doesn't tip and then it's going to be "THAT BITCH," etc., but anyway when the weary, beaten old people who haven't yet found the remote saw Sarah Palin do some jokes on the teevee, they heard laughter and delight! SCANDAL.

Fishbowl LA interviews a writer who was actually at the taping in Burbank:

About 70% of the audience was indifferent to Palin and wasn't reacting to her tepid jokes. Some jokes failed completely according to Stinson. "There were moments when there were crickets," he says. "I was laughing -- this is funny -- she's bombing."

So by what Witchcraft did Sarah Palin end up with a laughing audience when the show was broadcast?

"We asked him if he thought it was a laugh track put in or just the audience mike turned way up. He told us he thought it was a little of both." [Fishbowl LA]


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