Sarah Palin Will Destroy Scott Brown, For His 'Antics'

Sarah Palin Will Destroy Scott Brown, For His 'Antics'

Your morning editor has an aversion to watching TV news of any political stripe, because it becomes impossible to block out the talking and the voices, they just keep coming at you, saying horrible, horrible things. But it seemed like it might be fun to watch a video in which Sarah Palin twitched and cooed her way through a condemnation of Scott Brown, right? Yes, let's just say yes, it was funny, you should click through on the jump and watch it, OK? You won't regret it, at all!


Ha ha, just kidding, obviously that was awful, with the smugness and the Fox Business anchordrone engaging in some of the most blatant ass-kissing in the history of media. Still, there were brief moments of acceptable comedy, like when Palin stuttered in excitement over her protege Joe Miller's "big important fat resume" (did you know he went to Yale Law, like a common elitist?). And then she uses the word "antics" to describe Scott Brown's middle-of-the-road voting record, which might be OK for the people of Massachusetts, because they don't have the pioneering spirit that Alaskans do, which is why Alaskans "fired" Lisa Murkowski and "hired" Yale Law grad Joe Miller. (Is Sarah Palin aware that elections and corporate personnel decisions work on different principles? Apparently not!)

Also, they run the same clip on Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama nuzzling twice, maybe more, who knows, we only made it through half the video.

Anyway, one graphic you will not want to miss is this important Sarah Palin Victory Map, seen here just moments before Fox Business's terrifying CGI blades attacked it from space.

Look at the names of these obscure people, who only have power due to Sarah Palin's web of influence! John McCain, who's even heard of that guy? [Fox Business]


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