We've had a lot of fun over the years laughing until we puked about how former half-term governor Sarah Palinloves to fleece rubes. (You and your family should probably check Grandma's bank statements before you send her to the home.) But did you know grifting is an art you can learn? It's true! Just ask Palin's brother, Chuck Heath Jr., who has a kickstarter up for the fine and noble purpose of buying Chuck Heath Jr. some new camera equipment! Let's see what Brotherquitter has to say!

Here it is! Let's see:

Blah blah blah I like to take pictures, blordie hoodle hoo, give me money.

Excellent kickstarter, Brotherquitter! But is there more?

Alaska'a beauty is endless. Help me professionally capture it and share it with others in a high-quality coffee table book.

A BOOK? A BOOK you say? Oh, but this one's just pictures. Whew! Carry on.

I am currently writing feature articles for The Last Frontier Magazine (www.lastfrontiermagazine.com) and I've recently completed a book on the history of Alaska gold mining. You can see a sample of my work by clicking on "photos" on my Facebook page: chuck heath jr.

Oooh, let's do that!

Presumably one of these dudes is Chuck Heath Jr. We are betting the guy in the middle. But beg us some more please?

I've come to Kickstarter for three reasons: number one, I've been asked numerous times to put out a coffee table book with my Alaska photos, number two, I want to upgrade my current equipment in order to capture Alaska in the best way possible, and number three, I don't have the funds to publish the quality product I envision.

"Quality." You betcha! But if pally up there in the apron needs 30 large, can't he ask his sister to make him a "travel agent"? Or is she saving all the "travel agent" gigs for her own sweet self?

Anyway, Chuck Heath Jr. needs a new Nikon or something. (We don't know. Maybe a Leica?) Help him reach his full potential, by buying him shit, here! Oh wait, that was us. We will not spend your dough on Leicas, but on meth for the babby, as Jesus and the state of Montana intended.

Or you could give money to some folks in Uganda working to create the Uganda Community Farm, along with an organic farmers market, a microcredit program, AND some stoves to reduce deforestation. But hell, Chuck Heath Jr. needs some new lenses, and you really can't argue with that.

[Kickstarter, via wonket operative "Kay"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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