Sarah Palin's Clothes Are In Trash Bags

Sarah Palin's Clothes Are In Trash Bags

Garbage queen Sarah Palin outraged all of America with her extravagant purchases of royal garments during her short, embarrassing reign as a vice presidential candidate. OK to be fair Sarah Palin did not actually buy the clothes; that was the fault of the evil Republican National Committee, who wanted to make her look like a spendy fashion whore who delighted in wasting people's campaign contributions on fancy designer suits she never wore while jabbering endlessly about old-fashioned American values. The point is, all these clothes are now sitting in trash bags at RNC headquarters in Washington, which is a National Shame.

So apparently Sarah Palin did return the clothes after all, albeit in TRASH BAGS and not on, oh say HANGERS like a civilized person would do. She probably didn't even bother dry cleaning the ones she wore.

And the RNC is even more evil for not returning these clothes, like they said they would, or donating them to charity or whatever. The garments are being held in perpetuity until Joe the Plumber comes back from Israel and runs for vice president, in drag.

Palin's "Donated" Clothes Stashed in Trash Bags at RNC []


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