Here is a video from Sarah Silverman, who has finally figured out how to deal with the wage gap between men and women -- just replace her wage-lowering vagina with a value-added penis! And that why she's off to the surgical center to find a peenor that makes just the right fashion and economic statement (make sure you read the labels on the sample fake peens on the tray):

After all, with a 22-cent gap in average wages between men and women, women can look forward to making $11,000 less a year than men -- nearly half a million dollars over a working lifetime. "That's a $500,000 Vagina Tax!" So once she's become a dude, she'll close the gap and "finally be able to pee on walls. Err... uh, it will be easier to pee on walls."

The other option, of course, is to crowd-source a fund to pay back all the wages women have lost to the wage gap, which should be a cinch: they just need about $29 trillion in crowd-funding. But if that doesn't work, they can at least donate whatever they do raise to the National Women's Law Center. "I know, it sounds like an old-ladies gym, but really, they fight to get women the money they deserve."

Funny video, excellent cause. Just don't read the comments, which are full of bros explaining that women don't really get paid less than men for the same work because they go off and have babbies and only do dumb lady jobs anyway.

[Equal Paycheck Project]

Doktor Zoom

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