Satan Gets The Oscars To Revoke Best Song Nomination For Good Upstanding Christian Ditty 'Alone Yet Not Alone'


When Oscar nominations were announced earlier this month, the Best Original Song category had people a-flutter because an obscure song, "Alone Yet Not Alone," from an obscure Christian film of the same name, got a nod over big songs from movies like Frozen. The nomination has now been rescinded, probably because the Academy hates Christians, or maybe because the film's composer went full-on cheatsville and improperly lobbied the Academy to vote for his song.

Some backstory first. When this nomination got announced, there was an absolute slew of prissy self-righteous articles in Christian papers that came in various flavors of "this was Jesus' hand" and "we never thought a Christian movie could ever make it in heathen America." Two dumb tastes that taste worse together. Here for your convenience is a representative example.



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