Satellite of Love


  • South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has finally united Democrats and Republicans: They all think he's an ass. And yes, he's taking the bailout money, the communist. [ABC News]
  • Meanwhile, new-world-order hero Barack Obama is just flying around Europe, promising to end nuclear rockets or whatever. [Times of London]
  • There's a new Illinois governor, right? And he is "squeaky clean." So god only knows what kind of kinky stuff will bring this guy down. [Associated Press]
  • Lil' Kim's North Korean satellite/hell missile probably just crashed in the ocean. But still! [New York Times]
  • Those sad flag-draped-coffin arrivals are now open to the press, hooray. [Washington Post]
  • Ever get the creepy feeling that maybe long-haul truckers were killing all those hookers coast-to-coast? Well, yeah, that is probably what's going on. [LA Times]

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