Saturdays Are For Democracy


  • Did you know the entire week of creepy political news is available in Index Form? Can you even imagine? [TIME/Paul Slansky]

  • Obama is destroying what's left of the GOP by sending moderate Utah Governor Jon Huntsman to ... China, yes, that will do nicely. [Top of the Ticket/Salt Lake Tribune]
  • One of those shouty guys on the Cable News Shows is getting very shouty about himself! [Al Giordano/The Field]
  • Warren Buffet bought a bunch more Wells Fargo stock, which probably explains (?) why 4 million Wells Fargo customers can't access their goddamned online accounts and bill pay. [MarketWatch/Venture Beat]
  • Nerds In Space: Actual astronauts on the International Space Station watched the new Star Trek movie last night, on a laptop, in space, on a space station, speeding around the Earth. [NYT Carpetbagger]

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