Saudis Might Acknowledge Existence of Iraq

Listen... do you want to know a secret - WonketteOur best friends the Saudis are doing us yet another solid -- such bros they are! They might, maybe, if they feel like it, upgrade diplomatic relations with that little experiment we're running over in Iraq. They still don't really trust Nouri al-Maliki's Shia government (who does!), and they think he's kind of a pawn of Iran (who isn't!) but hey, maybe they'll open an embassy. You know, eventually.

Condi Rice and Robert Gates went to Saudi Arabia personally, and they held a joint press conference with Prince Saud al-Faisal, and he even promised he'd think about going to this Israeli-Palestinian peace conference President Bush is planning! Awesome work, Condi and Bob!

Except for how the Saudis didn't actually really agree to anything, and in fact they actively refused to follow up on our administration's polite request that they stop (allegedly!) funding Sunni insurgents who keep slipping over that unsecured border to blow shit up in Iraq.

Prince Saud thinks this is our problem for not securing Iraq very well and putting a complete incompetent in charge. Also he's mad that our ambassador to the UN totally called them on "playing a counterproductive role in Iraq" (who isn't!).

But still, the Saudis are our bestest friends ever so we have to be careful not to get them mad by pointing out how they keep sponsoring terrorism and chopping off homosexuals' hands and shit.

Saudis Consider Upgraded Relations With Iraq [NYT]


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