Save Social Security Last

  • The Fed will issue new lending rules for exotic and subprime mortgages. Wait, they haven't done this yet? [New York Times]
  • Remember Social Security, and how important it was in 2004? Nobody cares about it now, except the presidential candidates. [Washington Post]
  • The weak dollar has sent Europeans flocking to the U.S. for plastic surgery as well as cheap blue jeans. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The G-8 vowed to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by, let's see, 2050, when everybody who committed to this goal will be dead. [Los Angeles Times]
  • John McCain promises he'll appoint more Alitos and Robertses to the Supreme Court. [Politico]
  • Democratic National Convention organizers now have to deal with planning Barack Obama's rock concert coronation orgy in addition to tracking down organic fanny packs or whatever. [The Hill]

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