Save Washingtonienne! Or: We Are All Washingtonienne Now

We've now received two reports of cars -- well, a car, maybe -- on the Hill spotted with a "Save Washingtonienne!" bumper sticker. . .

hi--just saw a "save washingtonienne!" bumper sticker on my way to the Hart building next the taft memorial on a green jetta. . . virginia plates

a friend of mine who works in DC said she saw a "save washingtonienne" bumper sticker on a Jetta w/ a congressional permit parked on the Hill.

We are impressed. Or did you, Mr. Jetta, just write the phrase on some masking tape or something? That's cool, too, in a punk-rock sort of way. In any case, Jetta-Boy (and we're just going with a gut feeling on gender here), we want to know how you got it and if we can get one. Washingtonienne belongs on our rear, too.

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