Saxby Chambliss Will Probably Win Georgia Runoff, Which Is... GAH It's Tomorrow!


The 2008 Georgia Senate runoff -- the single most important election since Clinton/Dole -- is happening December 2nd, which is technically "tomorrow," although that can't possibly be true -- it always sounded like something that would be "a few weeks away," permanently. But it's tomorrow and [Democrat] will probably lose to ol' Saxby "Tit Clown" Chambliss.

Obama's organizers are working the field hard, but we have not gotten any sure-to-lose "support Jim Martin" e-mail pleas from Obama Headquarters in some time. Because who wants to be associated with some loser Senate candidate? Answer: the DSCC. The DSCC continues to harass everyone constantly. Around 5 p.m., the day before the election, the outreach dude e-mailed asking for money! WHO EVEN HAS THAT?

The DSCC does not mince words: "There are only 4 hours left for you to help us defeat Saxby Chambliss." Dire! Hank Paulson probably got this e-mail, too, and has "infused" them with $300 billion, for car loans.

2008 Georgia Senate Runoff [Pollster]


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