Scalia's Daughter Gets DUI, Fails To Kill Her Children

dunce.jpgGuess who else is a drunky driver? The 45-year-old daughter of Supreme Court Justice and heterosexual ass-fucking activist Antonin Scalia, that's who!

But Ann Banaszewski doesn't like to roll solo when she's hitting the booze, which is why three of her kids were in the minivan with her -- at least one of the tiny tykes wasn't even in a car seat, because straps is hard when ur loaded, lol!

Scalia's daughter was staggering out of a fast-food place to the van when people took notice and called the cops. She lost her license and is on parole for 18 months and has to do community service. America's elite: A bunch of drunken idiots just like the rest of us, but far more dangerous and stupid.

Scalia daughter pleads to DUI charge [Yahoo News]


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