Threesome.Ron Paul's exciting all-day sports arena concert in Minneapolis was really missing only one thing: actual entertainment of some kind for the Paultards expected to pay $17.76 (get it?!) plus five-hundred dollars in Ticketmaster fees for the special privilege of sitting with other Paultards in a sports arena just a few miles from the fancy GOP convention in St. Paul, where the rich people will be partying with Kid Rock. And today Dr. Congressman Paul sent out an email announcing his Campaign for Literacy's star attraction -- a Nashville GOP singer gal Tom DeLay tried to keep on Dancing With the Stars even though she had to quit because of an ugly divorce from her drunken porn-loving Craigslist-threesome-having anal-sex addict congressional-candidate husband!

As we reported way back in 2006 in a story called "Country Music, Anal Sex, GOP Fund-raising and Dancing With the Stars," Sara Evans had some country-music commercial success a few years back, and she is a very serious Christian Republican who knows how to keep a marriage fresh:

“It’s most important to keep marriage and family together. I am a child of divorce, and it’s devastating. I have a 12-year marriage. And the way I see it, the way to an amazing marriage is having sex … lots of sex. Sex keeps the marriage young. And a woman should maintain herself for her husband and stay attractive. I like to put the kids to bed, have a glass of wine on the patio or by the fireplace, and I ask Craig, ‘What do you need of me?’”

Yes, well .... What failed Republican congressional candidate and GOP fund-raiser Craig Schelske allegedly needed was a little more than Sara could provide.

Evans' divorce complaint against Schelske accused him of abusing his wife and making his young children watch pornography. According to her 2006 complaint, she found more than a hundred pictures stored on the family computer of Schelske screwing myriad women as well as parading around his house naked and “aroused.” According to his CraigsList ads, Schelske was (allegedly) particularly interested in having threesomes involving anal sex with strangers.

ABC News then reported that Evans also accused Schelske of banging the nanny, Ms. Clinton (really!), and then the nanny quit because she had an "eating disorder," so she could no longer run Sara Evans' fan club, work on her own Nashville entertainment career, or have Bible Study with Sara.

Here is the happy couple in happier days, with the best people in the world, Dick and Lynne Cheney:


Here's the announcement from Doctor Congressman Ron "Doctor No" Paul himself!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I am writing you with very exciting news about the upcoming Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis and I wanted you, one of my strongest supporters, to be among the first to know ....

I am happy to announce that Country Music Superstar Sara Evans will perform as a special treat for Rally for the Republic attendees. Sara Evans, a multi-platinum recording artist and 2006 Academy of Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year, will bring her remarkable talents to an already stellar cast of performers and speakers for this kick off of my Campaign for Liberty.

Of course, what this means is tickets will be going fast! In fact, I think it will be a complete sell out in a matter of hours after this news hits the press.

So, if you have not purchased your ticket yet, I urge you to do so today.

For all the information you need about the Rally for the Republic please go to You can also click to from there to ensure a guaranteed seat at what I believe will be one of the most important events for lovers of Liberty ever held.


Country Music, Anal Sex, GOP Fund-raising and Dancing With the Stars


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