SCANDAL: TeeVee Cable News 'Guests' Actually Evil Shills From Various War/Death Corporations!


Ha ha this is actually your editor's teevee on his desk. Does it still work?Did you know that the various "experts" and "guests" and "pundits" on the cable-news shows are almost all corporate shills and lobbyists for various death conglomerates? This is true, and actually kind of obvious to many skilled media observers -- just these two guys, really -- but The Nation would still like you to know the excruciating details. So how about, say, 45,000 words on the subject? YES WE CAN.

After noting the particular crimes of treacherous sleazebags such as nuke-promotingTom Ridge ($530,659 from America's biggest nuclear power company) or war-promoting Barry McCaffrey ($182,309 just last year from one defense contractor), the liberal magazine explores what may be the biggest mystery of all: What motivates such on-screen behavior?!?

For lobbyists, PR firms and corporate officials, going on cable television is a chance to promote clients and their interests on the most widely cited source of news in the United States. These appearances also generate good will and access to major players inside the Democratic and Republican parties. For their part, the cable networks, eager to fill time and afraid of upsetting the political elite, have often looked the other way. At times, the networks have even disregarded their own written ethics guidelines. Just about everyone involved is heavily invested in maintaining the current system, with the exception of the viewer.

WHAT? So they're all in it together, against ... the teevee news viewer? Goddammit, what next? Will The Nation find out that politicians are liars? That "restless ass syndrome" was just made up to sell hundred-dollar pills? If this keeps up, we might have to quit watching the teevee for 25 hours a day! While eating microwave burritos, dozens of them at a time. And crying. [The Nation via Wonkette operative "Thomas W."]


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