Scarborough Resists the Ol' "I Was Hopped Up on Smack" Excuse

Joe Scarborough has just written to TVNewser, disputing a quote attributed to him in today's WP: "While I have been on strong pain medication for the past few weeks, I would not tell a reporter that 'Sean Hannity has been reading off of RNC talking points for the past four years' even if I were on heroin."

In other words: Stoned out of his gourd? Yes. So high he'd risk losing his Limbaugh, uhm, "connection"? Never. Also, we know Joe pretty well and can vouch for him on the heroin point. When he's on smack, all he can talk about is the Velvet Underground's first album and what a "pussified egghead" Newt Gingrich has become.

Scarborough Says He Was Misquoted By WP [TVNewser]


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