Scared-of-Elections Guy Evan Bayh Says Democrats Will Lose Election

Scared-of-Elections Guy Evan Bayh Says Democrats Will Lose Election

Evan Bayhwants everyone to know that Democrats are going to lose a lot of seats in the midterms this year. "I think it's of comparable magnitude," he said, referring to party losses in 1980 and 1994. One of those seats the Democrats will lose is Bayh's, because he likes to drop out of elections he is afraid of losing, so he's not running this year. So should all Democrats drop out and just hand the Republicans their seats like Evan Bayh? Yes, of course. Good politics, that.

Bayh said that an enthusiasm gap among Democrats and Republicans was a major contributor to the woes his party would face this fall. Democratic voters, Bayh said, were "let down," though he said he thought such a sentiment was "unreasonable."

The Indiana senator, whose father suffered defeat in the 1980 elections, said he thought it would be difficult for President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress to get off the course on which they're heading, toward major electoral losses in November.

He said that some bread-and-butter stimulus items, like a payroll tax cut, might limit Democratic losses, "at least at the margins."

Cool idea. Thanks for the freebie, Evan Bayh. Democrats know you're not going to put any more effort into this thing, so they appreciate that.

In conclusion, the economy sucks, so people don't like you, and it's the perfect time to just quit your job. And Evan Bayh still feels like commenting about things while sipping his piña coladas with a silver spoon, or something like that. [The Hill]


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