Schiavo Memo Case Takes Sinister Twist

If you haven't heard already, the author of the Magical Mystery Memo has outed himself. Everyone, meet Brian Darling, former chief legal counsel for Senator Mel Martinez (R - FL), currently seeking exciting new employment opportunities. But while Darling has admitted authorship of the controversial memo, questions about its distribution persist. For example, Darling isn't sure how the memo escaped his computer. ("He didn't think he ever printed the memo.") And while Martinez agrees that his hands gave the memo to Senator Tom Harkin (D - Iowa), he doesn't know how his hands got ahold of it. Nor were his hands even remotely cognizant of the memo's actual content. ("Unbeknownst to me, instead of my one page on the bill, I had given him a copy of the now infamous memo that at some point along the way came into my possession.") Darling doesn't know how Martinez' hands got the memo either. ("He doesn't really know how I got it.")

Casting partisanship aside, adorable anger-bot Michelle Malkin demands to know how a memo could miraculously escape from a computer: "For me, the salient questions always centered on what exactly ABC News and the Washington Post knew or didn't know before they hyped the GOP politicization angle in the midst of the wrenching Schiavo debate." On a similar note, pious dirty-talker John Hinderaker trains his rock-hard, laser-like skepticism on Martinez' comments: "Where has Tom Harkin been for the last two and a half weeks?"

If you ask us, though, both Malkin and Hindraker are missing the real story here. Granted, it would nice to pin the blame on truly evil forces like the Democrats or the MSM, but c'mon! Dumbass memos that magically morph from word-processing files to hard copies? Zombie brain-slaves spreading the document in a trance-like fog? Obviously, this is the work of Satan!

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