Scholars In Awe Of Word 'Teabagger,' Familiar With Its Latin Root


  • Matt Yglesias dabbles in some parliamentary role playing. [Matt Yglesias]

  • A thousand years from now, historians will agree that Barack Obama was the worst military strategist of all time. They will write heavily footnoted volumes about how even Bo could beat Barack in a simple game of Stratego. Yes. Barack Obama is a disgrace to America's proud military might. [RedState]

  • The port-drinking snooty-britches at Oxford quite nearly made "teabagger" the Most Beguiling Word Of The Year. [Think Progress]

  • The terrible SEIU surrounded Joe Lieberman's home and cut his power and teepeed his lawn and now who will rescue poor, fragile Joe Lieberman? Who will save him from these godless brutes? [Gateway Pundit]

  • The Weekly Standard curates a Chinese "Flaming Barack Obama" exhibit. [Weekly Standard]


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