A possible shooting rampage at a rural Utah high school was foiled Monday when an alert student saw a 16-year-old with a gun in his waistband and reported it to the school's resource officer. The incident at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah, was resolved by law enforcement, without any armed teachers or open-carrying civilians coming to the rescue, which we are given to understand is impossible, so the whole thing was probably just another false flag incident aimed at taking away Americans' guns.

The 16-year-old junior with the gun told police he had intended to shoot another student and then open fire on anyone else he could, according to Weber County Sheriff's Sgt. Lane Findlay. He was spotted by another student; she reported the gun.

A school resource officer contacted the teenage boy, who was cooperative, and confirmed he had a loaded handgun, he said, prompting the resource officer to call for additional units and to place the school in lockdown.

The teenager had reportedly been carrying the gun in his waistband.

"After interviewing the subject, he admitted to detectives that he brought the gun to school with the intent to shoot a particular student and then open fire on the rest of the school," Findlay said.

Obviously, this could have turned out far worse, and maybe Fox News's Keith Ablow will praise the young man's parents for bringing him up right, since he respected proper authority and surrendered. The Deseret News reports that the 9mm semiautomatic handgun "was believed to have been taken from the boy's home without the gun owner's knowledge," and while it's not clear why an angry angsty 16-year-old had such easy access to a handgun, it's really nobody's business, because requiring people to secure their guns would be tyranny.

In any case: Good job all around, especially alert girl who went to the resource officer, resource officer who didn't go full Rambo on the teenager with the gun, and also to dumb luck where, for a change, another family's Responsibly Owned Personal Protection Second Amendment Device didn't end up being used in a massacre. In 2014 America, that's actually about as good as we can hope for.

[Deseret News / KSL-TV]

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